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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 3, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> pam: the heartbreaking stories of his victims. new details tonight on what may of turned 28 year-old into a mass murderer a gripping first-person account in san bernardino. detail >> pam: about a married couple in the san brandy know and for a. the first time hearing from the police when the first corps arrived at the shooting scene. and just been telling those who lost their lives in the attack yesterday a first light is on the investigation. emotional come
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howling conference mike madden a graphic picture of the mass shooting scene and did not know if the people living killed and 21 people injured. they did know there was his job in his words that cause the chaos. was towed >> grant: will prepare for one shooter so the building. the cries that we were
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seeing a number of people who were injured and unfortunately already dead. and pure panic on the face of those individuals still in need meetings. to be safe. extremely loud fire alarms going off people obviously injured and great amounts of pain out seven in the moans the whales we were hearing in the room.. "hide my concern that there in the back area there might be potential suspects in the hallway holding people hostage and waiting in the hallway will. vitellus several times come to us. and ultimately they did once that first person took
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the motions before it opened the floodgates and everyone wanted to come and get away from that as quickly as possible. "the tables were decorated for christmas party and it seemed so senseless here are people going into their festivities dealing with that >> grant: being labeled branded as road and the memo, comes in the demise of the become corrupt and his 9 99.5 percent of all officers got of protect the public is today solidified fat in his heart as. for the easing fall. for two >> grant: people kill with that countless lives shattered. the 14 victims today
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just seen is here with what she's learned about each one of them. >> reporter: groups have gathered with candles flour's tonight we learn to all of the 14-our county employees. attending a meeting at work the day they died. the mistake and 26 year-old on what is believed to be her face the page a photo of her with her husband and baby. 42 year-old daniel ran the coffee shop at the inland regional center. his family thought he survived the attack but learned late thursday the devastating news. the gulf on the page for a 36 year-old says she left the house excited about of presentation she is going to give you a supervisor at the annual meeting. her greatest love was for her husband of a
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police officer and three children. michael wessel ferry seven year old married with six children. and at that as an environmental specialist. the he was that in and argue if france. as the enemy that meaning freshman. 27 year-old sarah friends remember her as the fall is smiling 50 year-old damian remembered as a caring man with a warm smile. nicolas 52 married to a teacher for year-old robert adams faced a page filled with pictures of him now and new baby there is little known about these the film's more on who they were and level one thing left behind, out in the coming days feel this is six year-old amani s. cousin new york giant that posted his disbelief all 14 victims of gun too soon.
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>> pam: revealing information of the husband by the rampage we know that one of the shooter's the social media the context of extremists and neighbors of the public say that they were suspicious vote the considered strange behavior by the couple katherine tells us these are just some of the pieces of the puzzle the authorities try to figure out why the attack happened. >> catherine: the suspect was on social media and contacted with extremists possibly radicalize by known terrorist travel to saudi arabia and 2013 for a coming trip that would not raise red flags and they're mad his future wife the pakistan woman came to u.s. heavyset married
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six months ago they had a baby and then before his marriage he signed on to a couple of dating websites writing he enjoyed target practice cars tried to live as a good muslim people. the new m really talk about religion did not seem to be fanatic. he graduated from cfcs and borodino with a degree in environmental health and 2009. only now are investigators carrying that some neighbors are wondering why the couple right into the night in the the garage of their rental home the home later found to be crammed with bombs and bomb making materials some neighbors even debated reporting them but say they did not want be accused of racial profiling. investigators say clear the couple was on a mission.
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>> pam: shootings start new debate about gun control polarized united states turned down a bit the credit effort mets later our arrival plan by republican senator phil of the government away gun sales to suspect there's a. and also voted against expanding background checks of gun purchases online. and then shows lawmakers who spoke today remained divided on the issue.
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. eyes of people are so alienated that they feel so alone. pull its so angry why is it we do not have a system to detect them deal with them and get them in a position where they're not gonna hurt others a big question for country. our cover >> pam: continues kron4news-dot-com they can watch the news conference police had earlier tonight in its entirety also read more on the stories about those who died in the attack. right now a visual being held in san francisco bayview
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district a man that was shot and killed by police yesterday. this is the video that is sparking the outrage j. r. stone spoke with a witness who recorded one of the three videos. >> j.r.: mass the uplift showed his head after witnessing what he saw in this shooting one release three videos that has got not original estimate for hours showings differences the police officers' shooting and killing a stabbing suspect in the bay view. mario woods the
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man who was shot and killed. u.s. suspect in a stabbing a short time earlier. he wouldn't drop his knife and move toward officers. and thursday night a vigil held in the bayview wilson says that at its simple what he wanted. the soft-spoken 19 year- old if anything the state to the chief of state "when did you guessed that threaten the was in doing anything to anyone."
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. an initial protests system going on right now and the bayview hundreds have showing up the chief of police standing by as officers and marisat francisco says there will be a full investigation. >> pam: are expected tonight meteorologist brian is here with a look at our forecast and close a week and now we want what's happening. >> reporter: the rain that we have for today now mainly of the east and we do have some scattered showers left in the
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south bay fan and notice we have to morgan hill fair and picking up on highway 101 between morgan hill and san martine this evening we'll continue to have scattered showers into tomorrow morning. and some snow showers to midnight into morning hours potentially in a week and forecast kenaf. he's focusing on people in the peninsula >> gabe: implication the solution install on the phone one button and get help immediately
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>> pam: tonight we're learning the also walked out of stores often and the pockets of thieves k.k. go learn that thieves are targeting of stores across the bay area..
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>> reporter: is down for good customers serviced by open stores packed with geniuses ready to help you fought but by effects of troubleshoot the latest apple gadget police departments in the bay area say they've become a target for thieves. to insure in recent case in a bookstore and quarter thereafter. as of yesterday afternoon a man walked in side and walked out with several expensive i found was in the
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first time. >> reporter: even seem like craig the phones only connected to these fast-court and penny 64 gb 5 phone 6 fest goes for $750 the day before the quarter maderas that someone stole 85 phones from a store in walnut creek back in november 3rd men got away with 22 the storm potto. 50 say they're working together to share surveillance images of the thieves not ready quite yet the share them with the media. "agencies working together making sure to assist in the investigation" the goal >> reporter: attractive
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it and at that when they find out there was stolen >> pam: as parts of being a parent is seeing kids go to college parents can help but worry especially lately with news of shootings on campuses officials saw violent hazing incident and tech reporter gave shows us a new mobile location says every student should have downloaded on to their funds on the cover piece of mine for students and parents and help keep them say. >> gabe: rave guardian and two campus police at 911 the system this is great and tenures every campus across the country if it will be using them
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>> gabe: a new picture medical condition to have anything you laid out in your profile when you created it will show off with yellow and pushed it will send help your way another great feature is called safety timer the countdown of when you suppose to be somewhere and if you don't deactivated before close off same thing place are notified immediately and will start calling you testing new then come find you if corresponding with uncommon handy if your walk across campus
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late night request back to the dorms or does coming back to early from a bar and visible insurance policy that as if anything happens to you hope will come and find you. set anyone as guardian the that the be the campus police and your mate french parenparent >> pam: close to the car for more than three minutes for the bright spotlight shining on him does not seem to be bothered to give any information recognize this man involved your ass to contact police. we are tracking an east bay of beazer can't care
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burglars break into a home. >> gary: green bay golf tour upstart and also suffered a player of the month real kicker here is
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charles >> pam: is still lingering brain is here with details on the weather taking us into a week and. have the >> reporter: is of the rams woefully eased back in the serotype in the storm warning and a possibly for more few showers to the fate area storm tracker for the most activity right now taking place in the south bay and the south of san jose and morgan hill and heavy rain also some pockets of heavy rain in the setscrews non and a few light showers right in and around san jose offices highway 17 from cambrian park and los gatos also sang a few sprinkles
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for tonight rainfall amounts haven't been too impressive but not that quarter to third by the fed only about one-tenth their so se they have demounted in the north bay and close attention to discuss once but in the hills west of bills offered close to 2 in. of rain that thought that track conditions right now out here of the golden gate bridge with as partially clearing for tonight often on showers will last all the way into tomorrow morning and eventually becoming sunday by tomorrow afternoon in the and this storm at the main front of the way around midday now were getting at the center of the storm system going toward north providing the showers and have those showers through midnight going into tomorrow morning and noticed this later in the intensity of some of the showers the morning to 6:00 a.m. for the commute. was the cloudy skies and a few scattered showers. the could be what out
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there for that and then the week and forecast coming of next. >> pam: recall over salmonella contamination food brought up by the store shelves. and then a local pool should down after a threatening graffiti reference sites if. several loral if >> reporter: few cameras catch not one but to mail thieves and 17 neighborhood tree what residents of doing in the next edition of people behaving
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ref >> grant: the study >> pam: and found raffia classrooms wall at fifth, cave language academy this morning police for alerted along with school officials for this enormous and apparent saying the school was closed before the effect be a potential terrorist
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that many believe it was all done by a juvenile and as an incredible fan isn't a credible threat a shocking been caught on camera and an officer of the law + and cut shoplifting with her daughter than abandon the child. and we hear from police officers who responded to a mass shooting scene. officers who responded to a mass shooting scene. e a bow and arrow ♪
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information you probably know off the top of your head. enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st >> pam: f following the breaking developments tonight on that deadly mass shooting.
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unfortunately the pure panic of the individuals still in need tories are looking for men used in the technical 14 people and then newly opened fire at a holiday party in san bernardino the two pestles and two rifles they carry were bought leisurely more than three years ago for a fall of the pistols and a man identified fought the rifle and during yesterday's tragedy some heroes did emerge.
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>> grant: and video as police escort survivors out of the building and people are understandably still scared one officer is her comforting them the very divingood line. >> grant: 1 relax the table it before you do that's for sure. as of the officer said to those folks touching many hearts as is the unit's shares around the globe as example of commitment to protect our groot remark been constantly updating the story on a website kron4news-dot-com stay connected with developments concerning motive all so remote loveland's remembering the victims a whole lot more on kron4news-dot-com >> pam: police in marin the
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investigating a series of home burglaries that took place all the homes located close to one another. >> reporter: round-the-clock hunt " street and is one of three that were hit. brenda police did not say for sure suspect that the three burglaries' for committed by the same people of. and that that burglars rang the doorbell and now lancers the broken the to work in and out of the house and arrest in five minutes as you can imagine residents are worried about the burglaries' taking place in the other neighbor hood. their morale is in the neighborhood where the most recent burglary has happened there are concerned for
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a lot of her neighbors she. things of the fetus could be motivating criminals to get idea to talk to neighbors and keep an eye on each other. >> reporter: 7 hoping fifth the two burglars aquino then give them a call. >> pam: they've heard of this code with a milk carriers: yes they do their best to get you
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your mail there are other people that i'm taking your mail from you and family show the extreme measures mill feeds are using in this edition of people behaving badly mahler >> reporter: level but was hit this was supposedly secure mailbox but it's been damaged by thieves the job about sofa and they tell me mailbox thieves are going as far as using crowbars to regain the
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most secure mailboxes. the point where sense of being place to mailboxes automatically but the homeowner the other being tampered with. and targeting something known as all other locker a huge laugh fox if not the mailboxes in the book like this that the mill exposed as the bucks have won that to the fisheries sector lacks many people say they still you're a dead even people say all of his bills august 5th still stealing has a federal crime a person spoke to refuse a plotter mailbox the gas. never had a terminal stolen she said if it's still in that she will revisit the idea. coppola's to
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split end and commission turned over to police in san jose police >> pam: this apparent customer focal sort so someone gets left behind. plus a red banner engagement for bay area baseball player how he popped the question and then next the disturbing beating a woman on the side of the california highway the charges the officer face
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>> pam: day off angeles county district attorney's office announced that the officer did follow the law to stop the woman from entering traffic the first feeding 51 year-old generated outrage of the videos seen publicly of his leading up to the meeting were not shown on the video which surfaced the determined the of irreverence medically the officer did fact within the law >> reporter: the could be showers left around maple slick out there not as bad as of leucine this a little bit here and there and that's about it
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between morgan hill and gilroy the rain baying pretty heavy on high 1 and that extends all the way down to monterey bay into this year at their we saw the snow coming down. to storm warning in effect for tonight for the west slope of the sierra rickover lake tahoe winter weather advisory. morning continues to 6:00 a.m. and syllables 4,500 ft. could be over a foot of snow at the high elevations at thinking here of skiers are stirring about that right now. friday still some snow showers left in the morning clearing a dry day for sunday.
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some rainshowers on sunday syllables' will be increasing. for tonight often on showers tomorrow morning and then wrapping up around noon increasing sunshine as we get into the afternoon mostly sunny skies for saturday could have some dense fog in the morning low visibility increasing high clouds the the day with another weather system coming off the pacific that arrive here sunday for a chance of light rain it will be as big and the best restaurants will be clearing into sunday afternoon a release like chance for another round of light rain showers monday and another system comes wednesday. . >> pam: and writers to its mauled by the lions and set curry earning another nba award this early in the season and the
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sports director has that all the sports coming up and then at 2 minutes police won a talk to this mother after what they say she did with her daughter and a local store before running we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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was the >> pam: limit the enough when shopping at the target store then left her daughter behind when confronted by security felipe as live outside the store or the mother was less seen. >> reporter: police say medina not only use her 11 year-old but involve her infant daughter as well act of desperation. it did
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happen last week a mother left her daughter behind after a crime committed. with a"and of 11 year-old girl behind ivan seen that happen to much. 34 year-old is accused by police of attempting to shoplift less than $500 worth of stuff in this target store of san ramon boulevard police say she did so with her 11 year-old daughter and baby girl. the detective says a latino and let the two daughters left and then were confronted by security that's when the older daughter started to cry when it was to put hands on the 11 year-old mother tells
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the 11 year-old fight them the ball. our daughter but when the guards medina grabbed the fabian ran off leaving the 11 year-old behind police say medina lives in oakland but hasn't been seen since the same idea has had prior runs with a lot of the year-old daughter has since been put and protective services. v chao endangerment among the charges she could face. holes >> pam: fleet they he for the airport. >> gary: the kings the world: state warriors are off until saturday in toronto. set honored today at the western conference player of the month 31 points to game 34 minutes 3 points off the
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charts this a tremendous run pretty thought and pressing invected jordan before the and player has ever gotten prolix of curry. all suffer when today davidson the most famous from that school but announced that could not retire this in his uniform number 30 and has not graduated from university and not completed his agree with the nba and early 2009. people watch kilobit and then they come back and the figure crazy but was playing with ham obviously some people thought making fun of staff every night here four
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times a night that was not a point and the point is his most famous guy in the world i still think to this day hard work and if you have it in here you really want something better now think that chumps in the world live in today, more than having a college degree and had ended better have one and i can but sofa evident here in of monday the intelligence to make it and that's the bid. when guy
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drinking tonight. >> gary: year as her when putting it down texas verses et arlington the crushing and then
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texas 1873 texas pursuit of perfection and a few things the the bank's giving a flat tire of the start drinking that was the day. but twitter at mrs. cooper's last night here follow in all hijinks some of the wildlife.
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william and hubert davis and his last night and on the bigger better things we have one of brian the inspirational speeches to say goodbye
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>> pam: place shares a special moment with his girlfriend
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one of >> pam: a favorite outfielder's taken off the market after being with
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